"They're all just freeloaders! GRAH!" - the thoughts of Scarlet in the beginning

Life Before DemonlordEdit

Being a hybrid wasn't easy. Not when you had two important parents. At birth she was taken away from her mother because her mother was tainted according to the angels.

Just being alive at that point was bad. Scarlet was sent to be executed... but then the angels had an idea. Maybe if they could reform the child, they would have an even stronger being in their possession against the war.

She was sent to an angel family to grow up with. During that time her mother had been slain by the demons and they told Scarlet it was her father who did her in.

At first she was devastated but it quickly passed by as she started to become a very michevious child. Doing painful pranks on her foster family. She was taken away once more, to a private angel school were she was forced to learn the ways of the angels. It didnt take long before she ran away from them, and at first she was hunted.

Living underground for years to come, training her skills in being elusive. The apocalypse came like a miracle to her, it wiped out her persupators. On her travels to the demon lands she decided to seal away her angelic wing, with the help of a passerby monk. She knew that the demons may send her away as well.

She then took up the title of the new demonlord, guiding the lost demons that survived the apocalypse towards a new era.

Life as DemonlordEdit

Because Scarlet was a girl, the demons shun upon her and left her alone in the fortress. Her demonic wing was large as a sign of Lucifer, so they knew that she was the daughter of Dante. Yet they didn't want to believe it. That's why the left to never return.

However, after some years a couple of other demons walked into her fort. Claiming to live there. Scarlet tried to force them out, being the freeloaders they are.

More to come soon...